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Dirty Feet (from 31 Days of Encouragement – Beth)

“THEN HE POURED WATER INTO THE BASIN, AND BEGAN TO WASH THE DISCIPLES’ FEET, AND TO WIPE THEM WITH THE TOWEL WITH WHICH HE WAS GIRDED.” John 13:5 It was springtime, just before the Passover Feast. The disciples were making preparations for the Passover meal. The air was balmy and muggy. The dust and the mud of country roads would have easily penetrated the open sandals of those walking on it. The disciples’ feet were no exception as they made their way to the upstairs room the night of the Passover celebration. It was customary to be greeted on arrival by a servant waiting with a basin and a towel, ready to wash the feet of those entering a place where food would be served. Read the full post.

March 1, 2017