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Don’t Let Mildew Take Over by Miriam

I’m reading through the Bible again this year. In the past, every time I get to Leviticus and Numbers, I’ve always struggled to see how it applies to me. Of course, the more I’ve read God’s word and studied it, I’ve come to realize the Bible is about God. The more I read His word, the deeper I come to know Him. As a result of this, the more I’ll know about myself. As I’ve read through the first few books of the Bible, each year I learn more and more about the Holy God we serve and why He gave the instructions He did to the Israelites. So this year, as I read through Leviticus 13 where God is giving Moses and Aaron instructions for the Israelites, I came to verses 47-52 where God is telling them what to do if their clothing gets contaminated with mildew. In verses 51 and 52 it says, “On the seventh day he is to examine it, and if the mold has spread in the fabric, the woven or knitted material, or the leather, whatever its use, it is a persistent defiling mold; the article is unclean. Read the full post.

March 10, 2020