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His Presence Before His Provision (from 31 Days of Encouragement – Miriam)

“YOU WILL SHOW ME THE WAY OF LIFE, GRANTING ME THE JOY OF YOUR PRESENCE AND THE PLEASURE OF LIVING WITH YOU FOREVER.” Psalm 16:11 One evening my husband Jim and I were sitting at our kitchen table visiting with a friend when she said, “I’d rather have His presence before His provision.” God used those words to speak truth to my heart that night. We had been experiencing some really difficult days that month as we trusted the Lord in the area of provision. Wasn’t it neat of God to use this “unplanned” visit from our friend to remind me that His presence in my life is more important than His provision? I sometimes get so overwhelmed by what I don’t have in the way of material things that I forget what I do have – my Heavenly Father’s presence with me moment by moment. Don’t get me wrong – I would love both at the same time; however, it is my desire that I would choose His presence first. Read the full post.

December 1, 2016