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How Is Your Faith Under Pressure (from 31 Days of Encouragement – Miriam)

“YOU KNOW THAT UNDER PRESSURE, YOUR FAITH-LIFE IS FORCED INTO THE OPEN AND SHOWS ITS TRUE COLORS.” James 1:3 When things are going well it is easy to trust God. However, when life heats up and the pressure is on, do you still trust Him? Over the years as my husband Jim and I have been on the staff of a faith-based ministry and have had to raise our support, there have been many times when our faith has been under pressure. In the midst of these difficult times we can choose to “let it be an opportunity for joy” (James 1:2), or we can let the pressure overcome us. It is a choice to be joyful in the midst of difficult circumstances. Read the full post.

September 1, 2016