She Wears Jesus Well (from 31 Days of Encouragement – Beth)


Ann Fallaw wears Jesus well. Ann is my mother. She is one of the godliest women I know. I cannot write about her without my heart overflowing with gratitude to the Lord. She is so much like Jesus, and she wears Him well.

I grew up in Brazil, where my mother and daddy were missionaries. I have vivid memories of both of my parents giving so much of their lives to what God called them to do. I can remember often finding my mother spending quiet moments worshipping the Lord in her daily activities. She loved her family and loved working toward Kingdom growth.

My mother spent her mornings at home teaching my four sisters and me and the afternoons ministering to the countless needs of those in the community. When the evening arrived, I would often find my mother lying on her bed with her Bible on her chest and her glasses on her nose. She needed the Lord’s refreshment at that moment, a fresh and encouraging word from Him. She did not turn on the television or call a friend. She did not try to figure everything out on her own. She worshiped and fellowshipped and talked with Jesus. She listened to the still, small voice as He spoke to her spirit. The more time she spent with Jesus, the more she became like Him. My mother knew how to put on the likeness of Christ and wear Him well.

For many years, my mother has learned to wear Jesus by studying about Him and faithfully reading through the Bible. She demonstrated her obvious love for the Lord more and more every day. For the past eight years, she has devoted herself to reading a Bible through and making love notes and “dicas” (the Brazilian term she uses when she wants to make a loving suggestion to me), for each one of her five children. She is now reading and making notations in a Bible for each of her nine grandchildren.

My mother breaths, moves and exists because of who Jesus is in her life. She shares Christ with everyone she meets. You cannot have a conversation with Ann without being moved by her unashamed and undying love for her Lord and Savior. Over a lifetime, Jesus has used the time she spent in His Word to weave His likeness into her being, thread by thread, creating a beautiful tapestry of His likeness. She wears Jesus well.

Do you wear Jesus well? When people see you, do they see Jesus? Do they see the tapestry of the influence of Christ in your life? Let me challenge you today to “put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth” (Ephesians 4:24). Wear Him well today.

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