Yielding My Plans to God’s Plans (from 31 Days of Encouragement – Miriam)


Did this scripture ever ring true for me the summer of 2007! On June third, fifteen minutes before I was to sing a solo at my church, I fell and broke three bones in my ankle. Instead of singing, I headed to the closest hospital and had surgery that afternoon. A few days later, after getting out of the hospital, I found myself lying around the house thinking something along the lines of our focal scripture. “These were definitely not my plans for the summer. I guess God’s plans are just different than mine.”

You see, my plans did not include having to depend on someone for several weeks to do almost everything for me. It was not my plan to sing from a wheelchair at my nephew Jeremy’s wedding six days after I fell or to have to cancel a long planned trip to the beach with One Purpose. I didn’t plan to sing standing behind my walker at another wedding later that month or to sing for 45 minutes at a concert with One Purpose perched on a stool with my ankle dangling the whole time in a cast. I definitely did not plan to go to the Bahamas on a mission trip at the end of June hopping behind a walker, unable to put any weight on my ankle. My husband, Jim, and I were supposed to lead a team of 65 on this particular mission trip on behalf of Crossover, the ministry where we serve on staff.

The Lord used my fall to teach me a big lesson in yielding my plans to His plans. Although God did not cause my fall, He was not surprised by what happened. The Lord reminded me through these changes in my plans that I am not in control. This is probably one of the things I struggle with the most. It is my desire to give God complete control of my life, but I so often fail and try to take back that control.

However, that summer, as I learned to yield my plans to His, I experienced the joy of letting others help me. I am usually the one helping others. However, I learned that with God’s help I could sleep for nine nights on an air mattress on the floor of a church with little or no air conditioning in the Bahamas and be able to get up the next morning even though I couldn’t put any weight on my ankle. He gave me opportunities to share with others His faithfulness in my life that I wouldn’t have had without that crazy ankle and my “friends” — the walker and the wheelchair. I saw Him provide two nurses on the team [of 53] from North Carolina who we were leading; they checked my incisions every night. I could tell you story after story of how God used what I thought was a definite road block in my life, and making it into something He could use for his glory.

When you yield your plans to God’s plans, you never know what might happen and what you will learn. Would you like to give it a try?

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